Sunday, October 14, 2012


October 13, 2012

Well, Festival Day has come and gone and all went well.

I so enjoy bringing the *different* to the world.
And, as you know by reading this blog, it was my intention to share my joy of the Morgan Cemetery 
with the public.

There is naught quite like an old cemetery to inspire reflection.
And it was to my great joy that the nipperkins took to the trip with their own brand of childlike wonder.
To them it seemed a place of awe and happiness and for that I am truly grateful.

Even the adults instinctively slowed their pace to wander the stones.

My story went well.  I had been a bit nervous as I am a great, huge, comedic storyteller and so
was concerned with holding the attentions of the crowd with a more formal tale.
I needn't have worried.

And in case you missed the day, you may partake of my story here:

I must comment on this photo.
Butterfly girl, who had been on the first bus trip and so, knew the ways of the world, said to her wee friend
in a knowing tone:  "You see?  You can *touch* it."

Indeed.  As they all touched my heart with the way the day worked out.

I can't possibly describe the feeling of watching children capture the past.

Miss Darla and I were pleased.

And so, a day well done.

Really looking forward to expanding the event next year and bringing more of the art of folklore to life!

My sincere gratitude for sharing this time with me.

love, Fox


Last week, I posted a story and pics of something strange and wonderful that happened to me while alone in the cemetery getting ready for this event.  In an effort to not overshadow the event posts, I posted it in my Goat Borrower blog.  Feel free to pop on over and share my odd experience.