Thursday, July 3, 2014

STROLLING the STONES: Clifton Springs, NY

If you happen to be reading this blog then you know how taken I am with a visit to an old cemetery.
Fascinating, intriguing, so very, very peaceful.
Shadow and light play so very differently inside the gates of a cemetery bringing you a feeling of peace.

Whenever I have the time I always like to take a few moments to stroll the stones and remember
 those long passed.  Such stories the stones tell!  You can hear them carried on the summer breeze.
The silence is filled with stories.
Just listen.

Here's a quick jaunt with my like minded friend Bev. (Isobelle's mom if you happen to follow the goat blogs)
We stopped on our way home from a goat party (Jody's Meet the Goats Party if you happen to hang with us at the Sisterhood of the Goat on Facebook) to explore this tiny, well tended burial site.

Come walk with us.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Sterling Day

A happy jaunt in the early autumn of 2013 with two of my Kindred Sisters gifted us with the following photos of a cemetery we stumbled upon in the tiny and lovely town of Sterling, NY.   I was so taken with this cemetery that I returned the following day with my daughter for another peaceful wander.
 I can't begin to express the feeling of peace and subtle joy it brings me to wander the old cemeteries and honor the memories of those long passed.  Come walk with us.